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Our Platform is powered by the best-of-breed software.


We keep everything up to date to keep so you can out-perform the competition.


Buzlr offers the Web's Best Tools for Online Shops

Fully Functional eCommerce

Front End Page-Builder

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Blogging Module

Search Engine Optimization



$189 per year
  • Do it your self for $15.75 / month
  • Run your own shop and make money your way!
  • Hosting + SSL for one year
  • Use Your Own Domian
  • Sell up to 200 products
  • Easy to Use Page Builder with tons of features
  • Blog and Article Modules
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Social Media Integration
  • Standard Plugins for Online Stores
  • Standard Tech Support via Email (3-5 business days)

Start a Free Online Store Now

Try us out for 7 days for FREE! We will show you what running a pro store could look like and how you can get started selling right away. We do not ask for any payment information for while registering for the free trial. Click the blue button above if you are interested in our Citadel Builder Program with a Lifetime of Perks and Features unlike any other eCommerce platform in the world.

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  • We need your best email to open an online shop with us.
  • To fight spam, we want to ask for a real phone so everyone can try a free trial!
  • Pick a cool name for your store! Your free store will look like this: "yourstore.buzlr.net"

Get started right away and whip up your first draft store in seconds. Your site will have a default style like this pro demo-site, that is totally yours to add, change, or modify with little effort.

Buzlr Pro Plan

This program is powered by Buzlr.net, the World’s New Favorite eCommerce Platform. Citadel Builder works with Buzlr to provide you with an eCommerce store with all the perks to generate cash, automatically. Pay for the whole year or choose your own monthly payment plan.

  • $2,997 / year
  • Automatic Store – We Do Everything
  • Buzlr will build and manage your store for you. No matter your store’s profit, we will charge the same We want our cost to be nearly nothing compared to you your monthly profits.
  • Automatic Social Media Advertising
  • Hosting +SSL
  • Use Your Own Domain
  • Automatic SEO Optimization
  • Automatically Sell up to 200 Products
  • Automatic Backups and Recovery
  • Pro Cart Checkout Options and Payments for Customers
  • Automatic Threat Protection
  • Pro Plugins for Online Store
  • 24/7 Pro Tech Support via Email, Chat, and Phone
Buzlr Standard Plan

We offer one very affordable Standard option for $189 / year  which includes the following:

Full year hosting
SSL certificate
Sell up to 200 products with unlimited variations
Payment integration
Software licenses
Software updates & upgrades
Site security
Support desk

Citadel Plan

5-  Five Unique Niche Online Stores

$100,000 value of Prepaid Advertisements and Services

 Up to 1,000 Personally Selected Products and Services – Preloaded, ready to go.

Monthly Income from Sale, Commissions, and Affiliate Programs


This program is powered by Buzlr.net, the World’s New Favorite eCommerce Platform. Citadel Builder works with Buzlr to provide you with Five Online Stores with all the perks and features to generate cash, automatically. Buzlr will provide hosting for life and Citadel Builder will put you on track to dominate your own online empire.

Custom mobile-friendly site design

Your site is built on the bootstrap css framework to automatically render correctly on all devices
You are able to fine tune the styling for each screen size
The front-end drag-and-drop page-builder has tons of design features perfect for an amateur designer and also suitable for designers that wish to try some more advanced features

Easy to use with snap-to-grid technology

Adding your content is super-easy using the front-end drag-and-drop page-builder.
Just drag any element or picture onto the page and which automatically snaps into place

Flexible design system - easily change your site-look

Save any custom designed page as a template and create multiple versions of the same page
Activate a new design to a page at the click of a button and archive your saved designs which you can load to a page at any time
Save any row, module and column to reuse on any page of your site and create global elements which can be added in multiple places and just edited in one single location

Change your domain at any time

Use your site for any purpose at any time by simply removing an existing domain or sub-domain and adding a new one
You will just need to change the 2 A-records for your domain to configure it to your site

Fast hosting

Buzlr.net is hosted on it's own very powerful server with a whopping 128GB RAM available to ensure that your site loads fast and can handle eCommerce transactions

Good SEO

Buzlr.net is powered by WordPress which is known for being the best at automatically indexing your website for the best possible chance of being found online
In addition your site includes an advanced SEO module so that you can add custom titles, descriptions and keywords


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